Additional Services


First Federal's ATM Mastercard® allows you access to your checking account 24 hours a day 7 days a week at any of our four locations. After hours banking could not be easier! You can withdraw and transfer money between accounts safely at your convenience. Your card is accepted worldwide wherever you see the Cirrus, Mastercard® or Accel symbol.

Overdraft Protection

We understand there are times when your Checking Account may accidentally be out of balance, and that’s why we offer Overdraft Protection.  This service is available upon request and automatically moves money from your Savings to your Checking to pay for overdrafts, as long as funds are available. Please speak with a Customer Service Representative for details.

Transfer Management System

This free service named "Transfer Management System" automatically transfers funds from one account to another. These automatic transfers relieve you as a customer of the responsibility for making deposits, withdrawals, and payments.

Internally, the transfers can be transacted between checking, savings or loans. The account can be with us or a checking or savings account at another bank. External recipient accounts can also be created for recurring ACH credits. This feature allows you the customer, to establish transfer funds from a checking or savings account at another bank to credit a checking, savings or loan, here at First Federal.

Contact one of our Customer Service Representatives and sign up today - and let us simplify your life with automatic payments! For details on this service, you may email us at or call 229-244-0164 or visit any of our four convenient locations.

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Wiring Services

We provide our customers the availability to wire funds from their accounts to other locations. For details on this service, please contact our Customer Service Representatives at or call 229-244-0164 or visit of any of our four convenient locations.

Night Depository

A very convenient service for our customers and a good night's sleep, knowing your deposit is safe. A Night deposit is available at each of our four locations.